What made this world must have to lie down? Because White goes to China rooted with Fear.White is the race of "Inn.Sin", should not leave White own place at the first place, just like woman is "Inn.Sin", must not leave her own place. China beginning on the path to fall when a White showi 賣房子ng up on China land, because good mankind Chinese would not ever want to have any thing to do with other race, only evil Chinese has that evil eyes like White man has to tool the contact in order to make up hi 苗栗旅遊s fears; when woman really feel fear, she chosen to hide or chosen to blinded her eyes; man wants to find out how to deal with that fear; that how White man was sent to China to find out how to deal; and in order to realize that real Chin 有巢氏房屋a, that White man must have to learn how to speak Chinese language, therefore, he learned that language from the evilest grouped most invisible forceful "Bay.Jean.Pen.Zi", that made those White back to his own White place to become a totally diff 面膜erent evil doer that feared his White Race even more about Chinese, then sending more, and inevitably produce white trash, the White Race tool the white trash to dragon down all Chinese to make sure that no Chinese can be good enough to win White; the problem is those 酒店兼職White first class citizens no way to know those "Bay.Jean.Pen.Zi" (That how "Bay.Jean.Pen.Zi"- "Yu.0" [ Her husband or ex-husband name "蘇.5.Phone" is another form of Angus Tung/童安格/李瓊/李進良/唐志中/蘇永康; she has another form as Taiwanese female singer name "Phony.Fake.Fake" <鳳?酒店打工葉?gt; 516-6817003 718-6318895 886-2-{2}7092000 EX207 886-33-331032 886-2-{2}5719182/5 886-2-{2}5615157 886-2-{2}3935125/7 886-2-{2}3961853/4 886-2-{2}7662149] and her dad "Yu.俊" [917-7146395 212-5024884 718-8841080 718-6017120 718-4633319/2256941/2294457 886-2-{2}7662149 86-10-29403594]ha 網路行銷ve done whatever the most invisible way trying to murder me after they found out no way to slave control me.) grouped most invisible forceful slavery chain cares no nation, no race, no God, no moral, but personal shameless cold cold hard gang and/or gain, therefore, all White man and/or white trash ever contacted communicated 代償with anyone of "Bay.Jean.Pen.Zi" become those most invisible forceful "Bay.Jean.Pen.Zi" alliance that Mainland Chinese called "同.Look.Ren ". Because "Bay.Jean.Pen.Zi" is the evilest "Lie of Free", just see how they walking caged bird(s) shamelessly nosing up "Moon.Zhong.5.Ren" "Duck.Yao.Duck.Bi" in front of public eyes in public site to figure out the 居酒屋thickness of the crime behind door by your self; that how you need to kill anyone who dare show up in front of your eyes with caged bird, and kill anyone who cannot have that good will to seal his or her mouth to hide his or her "Bay.Jean.What".   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 小型辦公室  .

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